Meet Quill

 I am super excited to tell you guys about Quill, and more importantly give you tips.  If you guys are planning on getting a hedgehog, this would be a great blog for you guys. I don’t know, maybe you may just want to read my blog, and that’s fine too. This is my first time doing a blog, and I love the new experience. Now Lets get into some beginner tips about hedgehogs.

Caring for your hedgehog

1. Now first things first, hedgehogs are very smelly, so you need to clean you hedgehogs cage every two days. I usually use a clean cat scoop. But don’t scoop all of the shavings out, only scoop the pee spots and try to get most of the poop. You also need to clean your hedgehog wheel every week. All you need to do is bring it outside and pour in water with soap and let it soak. About 30 min later dump it and rinse it. It may still have poop stuck to the outside, so I would use a toothbrush to ge that off.

2.  Your hedgehog needs to be interacted with. So what I do is bring him upstairs where everyone one is. Now you may be thinking what I have him in. I have a newly bought cat litter bottom, they work great! You need a one that has a high wall all the way around, or else you hedgehog may get out.

3. You need to bathe your hedgehog. Now this may sound weird, but yes, you need to bathe your hedgehog every week. Use a clean toothbrush and some hedgehog soap (I will explain where to get that later) and put some soap on the toothbrush, then lightly brush its quills.


You need multiple supplies so I’m going to tell you guys where to get them, and what kind I recommend.

So first lets start things off with where to get all of your supplies.

I get my supplies from or Petsmart. is a website that lets you shop online for animal supplies, or toys, and lots of other stuff. It delivers the things that you order right to your doorstep, and it arrives in 1-2 days!

I’m pretty sure you guys know what Petsmart is. If you don’t know what Petsmart is, it’s a  store that’s very convenient. I get my hedgehog bedding there. Speaking of bedding, the type of bedding I suggest, is Vitakraft, Long Lasting Oder Control, Fresh World Bedding. I have tried other brands and types, but this one seems to work the best.

The type of food for your hedgehog I recommend, is cat food. Now right now you may think that I’m crazy, but I assure you that cat food is completely safe for your hedgehog. My hedgehog loves the cat food that my cats eat. It’s very helpful because we don’t have to buy separate food for my hedgehog. I tried to use regular hedgehog food mixed with cat food, but he basically just picked out the cat food out and eats that. I also tried to get my hedgehog some healthy food, but he doesn’t seem to like that. So again, I would just recommend cat food.

I have a little hut for my hedgehog and he seems to like it. I used to have a small little castle home for him but he grew and grew. So I got him a little hut off

Hedgehogs can be a but loud at night on their wheel. So a good wheel to get is a silent wheel off

This doesn’t mean your hedgehog is going to be completely silent at night, but it helps.


There are a lot of people who don’t know that hedgehogs are nocturnal. Well… Surprise! They are. This doesn’t mean your never going to sleep. You’ll get used to it, and they aren’t very loud. I only hear him on his wheel and eating his food at night. As I suggested, you should get the silent wheel.


     Thank you for reading this blog and feel free to ask any questions!